Saturday, April 25, 2009

Getting out of town day...

So today was the day we got out of town and did a little exploring. Here is Aaron and the girls in front of Multnomah Falls.

We also went to Bonneville Dam. This dam is located in the Columbia River just east of Portland and provides power to a lot of people. They were releasing a lot of water today and the white water was a pretty neat sight.

Here is Aaron helping the girls look downriver.

"Spot of tea, anyone?" Eve playing tea party in the energy efficient model home at the dam.

Zoe and Eve posing near copper poles insulated by cermic discs. Something to do with electricity?

Feeding rainbow trout at the fish hatchery. Eve, "What's that fish smell?" Zoe, "Fish."

Standing in front of a white sturgeon. Herman, the resident sturgeon, is longer than this model. He's also 70 years old!

In front of Char Burger, a Kellar classic. This was Eve's first visit.

And her first burger from the place!


We also stopped in at Ikea on the way home. Now that Eve is potty trained, she is allowed to play at Smalland, the kid's area. So mom and dad got a 60 minute date at Ikea and the kids got to play. They loved the ball pit until one little kid wet his pants in it. Everyone out! Eeeeek! After Ikea was dinner and play time at Out of this World Pizza and Play, an indoor bounce house, play structure place. It's pretty awesome. Then on to McDonald's and RedBox. Watching Bolt now as a family. Girls almost asleep. What a great day!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pictures of Sam

Here are some pictures of us and our new nephew Sam. He is the sweetest little guy, such a good baby. Yup, he even has the cutest little cleft in his chin! Here's Uncle Aaron and little Sam.

Auntie Maggs and Sam.
Zoe kissing Sam on the forehead.

Proud big cousin with the littlest one.

I actually have a better picture than this one, but it was fun trying to get a good shot of all four cousins.

It was such a treat to get to see our new nephew last night! Nate and Heidi are doing great. They are already such good parents to Ben, it's going to be fun watching this family grow. We are so thankful to be able to see them on a more regular basis and be a part of their lives.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Eve sayings...

So I'm sure all of you that are local have heard these by now, but I thought I would share some funny Eve quotes from the past few months.

Eve, "There goes an ambleeance (ambulance)!"

Zoe, "Eve, it's am-bu-lance."

Eve, "No Zoe, it's am-blee-ance."

When put in oshkosh overalls for the day, Eve, "Mom, get me out of these farm clothes!"

I layered her purple Cinderella tee over a pink long sleeve shirt, "I don't want to wear this! I look like a man!" (because daddy often dresses this way for work, except he doesn't wear pink or purple or has Cinderella on his shirt). :)

Zoe, "Grandpa, do you remember when you used to call me "Boo" when I was little?" (from Monsters Inc).

Grandpa, "Yup."

Eve (from a different part of the room), "Do you remember when you used to call me screwdriver?" ( I think she might have meant Evie Stevie?)

One day she went and stood by the door and said, "Mom, we've Got to go." (Imagine hand on hip, accent on the word got).

Me, "Where?"

Eve, quite impatiently, "To the library, let's go!" (so not terribly funny, it was just how she said it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Samuel Alvin Kellar...our new nephew!

Aaron's brother, Nate, and his wife, Heidi, had baby #2 yesterday, a boy they named Samuel Alvin. We haven't seen him in person yet because Aaron has been working in The Dalles all week but we are planning a weekend day trip up to see them very soon. Yay!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm back...and I'll try to be good. :)

Ugh! I can't believe January 7th was the last time I wrote on this blog! If I have any blog followers left, I apologize. I'm going to try to update you all, one event at a time since then, to get you all up to speed.

The month of January was a cold, windy one up here in Oregon. I can't even tell you how happy I am that the evenings are beginning to stretch out and then sun is staying up a little longer. Yay! We made it through our first winter back! After snowing a few more times in January (a total of 5 seperate snow storms, a little unusual for up here), the sun finally came out a little more consistently.
February was tons of fun, except for an attack of the flu, yes, the real thing. Zoe missed her one and only day of school so far this year because of it and it just so happened to be the day of the Valentines party. One of our fabulous neighbors took Zoe's Valentines to school for her and brought her tons of treats from her friends plus a few extra from Zoe's friend, Asher. Being a full-time working mom is difficult when unexpected things like this pop up. Thank goodness for family and great neighbors. So, yup, I got the flu too. Aaron and Eve managed to ward it off with their immune systems of steel. It was a pretty rough few weeks for us. But...the end of February brought an unexpected and most wonderful visit from Fresno friends, the Benzler's. Their daughter, Sophia, is a few months older than Eve. It was so great to see them and to get caught up on the goings-on of people we knew in Fresno. I brought a big cardboard box home from work that the girls decorated with stickers, crayons, and pens. February also marked a great milestone for Eve...potty training! She was finally ready!

March was a month that flew by for us because of Aaron's work schedule. He has worked long hours, sometimes not coming home at night because of the distance from our house to the work site. It hasn't been enjoyable, but I am thankful that the weekends come quickly on those weeks. I am really enjoying work. I would enjoy, in time, to either get off a little earlier or take a day or two off so I can get Zoe and Eve to and from after school activities. It was not possible this year to get the girls involved in dance or sports because of our work schedules. Maybe next year. My mom is still watching the girls and loving it. She has been so patient with Eve and the potty training. I don't know what I what would do if she wasn't willing to help us out. Next year we plan on putting Eve in pre-school so she can get ready for kindergarten and my mom can have a break a few mornings.

April brought Easter and a new addition to the Kellar family (not us! my bro and sis in law). Baby Sam is due any day now! We cannot wait to meet him! Also another bit of exciting news is my sister is engaged and planning a summer wedding to the man of her dreams, Michael Reed. We are thrilled and cannot be happier with her choice for a spouse. He adores her, we truly couldn't ask for more. Now to plan a wedding in 3 months! They are being very gracious and allowing me to give my input and advice. Mary, thanks for indulging your little sister! Zoe has officially lost 8 teeth! Four on the bottom and four on the top. Here's few Easter pics from a church Easter egg hunt.