Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last Day of 1st Grade!

Zoe's last day of first grade was yesterday. She had a wonderful year. We are going to miss her awesome teacher, Ms. Martinez, who has done so much for Zoe this year. I can't believe my big girl is going to be in second grade!


Anna said...


You look so big and grown up...and just as cute as I remember :) Congratulations on finishing the 1st grade, and I hope you enjoy your summer vacation! We miss you very much, and we'll miss you even more when swimming lessons at Ivy Pool and Vacation Bible School start on Monday. Please say Hi to Evie, your mommy, and your daddy for me. Canaan says Hi, too!

Miss Anna :)

margaretkellar said...

I miss you too Canaan and Miss Anna. You have fun with your swimming and your grandma and granda and their fun pool. I miss their pool too. Why don't you come and see us in the summertime?